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  i wish all the toiling masses may 1 happy!


  Work is the true source of human welfare.


  may day is a tourism festival, the mood maintain every day!


  may day is a blessing, wish you peace happy garden!


  may day is a time cleaning, remove trouble don't keep!


  Happy International Workers"Day!


  The early bird catches the worm.


  A work ill done must be twice done.


  Work is the glorious duty of every able-bodied citizen.


  labor is the father of wealth, land is the mother of wealth.


  i wish you a happy may day, lucky countenance, may 1 happy!


  may day is a gas station, fill up the body for you!


  toil and sweat, to harvest the fruits of success.


  physical labor is to prevent the virus society great disinfectant.


  may day, i wish you a happy work, happy rest more!


  thought exists in labor, people will live on labor.


  labor created history, labor to create the future. happy may day.


  to work, and to hard-working, work is the wealth of the most reliable.


  labor is hard, fruit is sweet; without hard work, there is no sweet fruit.


  i wish you a happy, a happy holiday, attention body, take care a lot!


  the may day i want to have a long sleep, but can you inform me when having a meal!


  labor makes people to establish confidence in his intellectual power. happy may day.


  when you all into the society, all around are ordinary labor to give.


  with their own hands to create brilliant, for the most beloved people to happiness!


  i wish you a happy labor day! horse! work happy! i will always support you!


  you use industrious hands, and create a better life, today is you of festival, i wish you a happy holiday!


  your hard work for us to convey warmth, heartfelt greet a cry, you were laborious! happy labor day!


  all the treasures that can be derived from labor, all the plight, can be relieved by labor.


  although today is labor day, but also should pay attention to rest, keep healthy.


  have your companions days, even ordinary also romantic! i wish you a pleasant journey and wuyijiekuaile.


  the colorful world, friendship is precious, in this long holidays, i wish you happiness!


  i wish you the efforts and sweat as soon as possible into www.tomorrow the fruits of success. happy labor day!


  The holidays came, blessing to: happy, worry away easily, to find happiness;; career;Everything is going smoothly., sweet, happiness Labor Day happy.


  Happy flying, easy to beat, invite you to the dance. Taking advantage of the sunny season,sightseeing relax. Friends love thick, five one is coming, I wish you a happy life!


  Five one, the beautiful blessings send you some good work: some, high pay, mentally, sweetwords, healthy, happy, worry less, more happy Labor Day 5.1 good luck in everything!




  Friend, is revised to happiness; Friendship, is hard to get the fate; Greetings, it is sweet. Browsing, is a rare refined; Is carefree, relaxed feeling; I wish a happy labor day!


  Friend, although the life is made up of a rosary troubles, but we have to smile for it isn't it? In this beautiful holiday, I wish you a happy and my dear family!


  Labor is hard work, the process is happy, the rest is comfortable, the harvest is happy, the fruit is sweet. Ha ha, friends, I wish you and your family a happy May Day!


  Light rain, missing for you, the drizzle oncoming, douse the hurt my heart. Clear blue clouds, miss in the heart, red sun, may read you can not let go. The May Day, miss you.


  Can let you happy life, labor can let you out of trouble; Labor is the source of happiness, labor is the mother of success. On the arrival of May Day wish you labor, happy!


  The earth the person all have a holiday, only I this text messages in overtime. It full of blessings, across many mountains, across the river to fly to your side, May 1 happy, everything!


  Blowing in the wind, rain the next, want to make you smile, days affection, and love, and wish you good mood moment, water in a stream, fish in travel, forget all the sad, wish happy labor day.


  Taste a cup of warm the cut of quietly elegant coffee, enjoy eyeful romantic and gorgeous scenery, talk happy wishes, May Day, wish friends happy every day, health and good luck with you.


  May 1 to "law", the entertainment to the brain. May 1 to "make", beaming has enveloped. May 1 to "get", good luck to the bottom of the sea. May 1 to "move", much walking around. Happy May Day!


  Have today, but each has today; Month wages, week in the lottery, a good mood every day, every day good luck, met the god of wealth during the day, night counting money. Happy May Day.


  Madadayo smoke, gurgling streams, is I to you the best care, not the grand finale, have always calm, I wish May 1 happy, happy happy!


  Work wholeheartedly, the efficiency of the lead, meticulous work, achievement, career, May Day, send you five, I wish you a good to great!


  Friends, meet and get to know each other, know each other, grow together, we each other care, bloomy spring days, we meet, I wish a happy labor day!


  Treat life, like work carefully; To work, like love fever; Treatment of labor, as natural as breathing. About the future, calm like reality. Happy May Day!


  Friends will be quietly in the side support you, if there are any of those things will look back, you will now have I accompany you, happy labor day, busy little bees.


  Labor is glorious drop! Labor is not shameful drops! Love of labor is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, everyone go to the labor, I sleep for a while will come first!


  Five small long vacation, relax mood, smile hanging on his face, eyebrows slightly joy, happiness, wearing, blessing you, happy with your actions, happiness around, happy labor day.


  The boundless huge crowd, you are my best friend, no matter where I go, I will remember you, May Day is coming, I wish you a happy holiday, happy happy happy happy life!


  A friend is like a lamp in the dark, lit up the road of life, friends like the lighthouse in the sea, to guide the way forward, you are my best friend, I wish you a happy May Day!


  May Day is coming, I am going to send you five: soar, blockbuster results, bon voyage of life, very lucrative business, a lifetime of happiness! I wish a happy labor day!


  Wish a konka mengniu, body beauty to rejoice more associations; Life fukang robust, career jetta backgammon; Revenue j&j teng sina, stock changhong take purple light. Happy labor day.


  Text messages will become delicious text will quote rose, send each other is a kind of dating, read is to feel lonely taste, in the world, only the most precious friend! I wish a happy labor day.


  You use industrious hands, and create a better life, busy work at ordinary times the importance, while 51 crazy shopping. Not empty hands full, treat yourself not by mistake. Wish you a happy labor day!


  I wish you good konka mengniu, beauty to rejoice more associations; Life fukang robust, career jetta backgammon; Revenue j&j teng sina, stock changhong take purple light. Happy labor day.


  Always think of you busy figure, always see the back of your hard work, always disturb you calm not carefully. Labor day, please relax, rest is for the sake of a more wonderful life in the future.


  Labor day I wish you have been, should be obtained; Move have static, in a static dynamic, move stealthily, silent move, the world changes, bless you never change, I wish a sunny day! Sunny day every day!


  How May Day? Could you easily. Recreational activities don't let go, don't miss, happy to pass, good luck to go through, want to through the troubles that crosses, more than happy, happy to spend!


  Wishing you a, please in health; Wish you have a fast music, mood cheerful; Wish you have goods have rich, decent income; Bless you have friends have friends, life is rich. Happy May Day!


  Hair message give you, career success belong to you, happy smile with you, a long and healthy life thinking of you, the last key to inform you that the god of wealth grandpa still want to see you! Happy labor day!


  May Day with happiness, good luck to take turns, SMS ZhuFuFa, physical fitness, business from now on, peace wishful partner, finances all over, you at any time to grasp, blessing sincerely, happy May Day.


  Light soil fragrance, flowers in full bloom quietly, trickling stream flow, slowly breeze cool and refreshing, shallow yearning yearning, slowly blessing light sing. May 1 to send you the world may happiness.


  Wish you have moved, please in health; Wish you have a fast music, mood cheerful; Wish you have a goods have rich, decent income; Wish you to have friends have friends, life is rich. I wish a happy May Day.


  Labor to get rich, beauty; Labor fitness, bar; Work happiness, joy; Labor glorious, good; See the labor benefits more than take a broom, take cloth come to my house to work, I wish you a happy May Day.


  Busy for a long time, finally put the "labor"; Hard for a long time, finally look forward to "easy" to reach; Tired for a long time, finally have to leave "sweet". Labor day, wish you relax, happy happy!


  I wish you have today year after year, year has today. Month wages, week in the lottery, a good mood every day, every day good luck, met the god of wealth during the day, night counting money. Happy May Day.


  You are my pain is a knife, cut off, you'll be covered; You are my happiness is the glue, tape you will be no worries; You are my happiness is the package, mount you can't escape; I wish you a happy May Day, happy the best!


  You are my nail is the board, friendship, nailed measure in traditional Chinese music; I am a line, you are a needle over line handle; You are my ship is sailing, obey the call of lucky wind. May Day, I wish you happiness!


  You are a bird, flying the sky waiting for you. You are the ship, Marine summons you sail; You would be a horse, prairie wait you ride; You are athletes, alpine waiting for you to climb. I wish you prosperity! Happy May Day!


  I wish you in the May Day, the heart like flowers in full bloom, not only to open a flower, although today is labor day, but also should pay attention to rest, maintain physical well-being. Wishing you happiness during the holidays and all the best!


  The birds fly, the flowers smile, labor holiday will come; Peach blossom open, small grass-green, and work and forget about troubles; The wind blows, the sunlight warm, the May Day holiday don't idle short; Easily after the May Day, happy every day!


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